Our LHC Board members, past and present, represent thousands of volunteer hours following the evolution of City policy and development for over forty years.  Our current Board Members include a former Mayor and City Council member, a Planning Commissioner, three Citizens of the Year, and members of the Circulation Commission, Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission, Bike Path and Trails planning and implementation and other commissions and subcommittees.  

The Lafayette Homeowners Council takes positions on individual or neighborhood issues if they affect the larger community or have a potential to do so.  The LHC endeavors to represent the city-wide interests of Lafayette Homeowners in areas such as Lafayette General Plan changes, zoning laws, downtown and residential improvements, and citizens' participation.

Established in 1984  . . .  

Lafayette Homeowners Council​​

Board Members for the LHC (Oct. 2018)


Bill Bucher, President - Boyer Circle Neighborhood
Carol Singer, VP - Silver Springs HOA

Lynn Hiden, Secretary -  At-Large

Mary-Jane Wood, Treasurer - St. Mary's Orchard HOA

George Burtt - Acalanes Valley HOA

Susan Callister - At-Large

Carl Di Giorgio - Silver Dell HOA
Jim Fitzsimmons - Valley View Estates HOA

Byrne Mathisen - Happy Valley Improvement Association

Eric C. Olson - Snake Hill HOA

Aron Rosenberg - Andreasen HOA

Rob Sturm - Sweet Drive Neighbors

David Todhunter - At-Large

Michael J. Walker - Greater Quandt Neighborhood

Avon Wilson - Snake HIll HOA

Past Board Members

Jenny Kallio, President Emeritus

Maeve Pessis 

Jim Todhunter